Capaian Pembelajaran Lulusan Program Studi Sastra Inggris

CPL – 01 Able to demonstrate spoken and written English proficiency in the context of daily communication, English for Tourism, English for Business, and English for Academic Purposes equals to upper-intermediate level (CEFR B2).

CPL 02 – Able to analyze and present various literary genres such as poetry, prose, and drama needed for creative industries.

CPL 03 – Able to analyze language phenomena using relevant linguistic theories.

CPL 04 – Able to translate various written and spoken texts both in Indonesian-English and English-Indonesian.

CPL 05 – Able to analyze phenomena of traditional and contemporary world cultures.

CPL 06 Able to apply appropriate theories and research methods on linguistic and literature in the form of scientific research report.

CPL 07 – Able to apply basic pedagogical theories in English language teaching.

CPL 08 – Able to master theoretical concepts of literature, linguistics, culture, and pedagogy used for analyzing literature and language issues.

CPL 09 – Able to perform secretarial duties and use information technology for the demand of global workforce and industry. 

CPL 10 – Able to internalize moral standard and ethical principle in the spirit of Pancasila values.

CPL 11 – Able to demonstrate the spirit of independence, and cooperation and contribution to the nation.